Jerome of Prague: A European, an Intellectual and an Agitator

jerryThis year, 600 years will have passed since Jerome of Prague (Jeroným Pražský) was burnt at the stake in Konstanz. Although this activist of the Czech middle ages is often overshadowed by Jan Hus, he was perhaps an even more significant personality. He was tortured after Hus’ death and he recanted, fearing for his life. However, he later proclaimed his beliefs againand suffered the same fate as his friend. The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethern will commemorate Jerome of Prague with a number of events.

The planned events are part of the ECCB’s six-year project called Our Reformation, which has the principal goal of marking important church anniversaries. The project began in 2013, when 400 years passed since the publishing of the Bible of Kralice, and will finish in 2018 by celebrating 100 years of the ECCB’s existence. Celý příspěvek

The contributions from the International conference to the 600th anniversary of Master Jan Hus´s death

konferenceThe International theological conference to the 600th anniversary of Master Jan Hus´s death was held from April the 9th till April the 12th, 2015 in Prague. It was organized by the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren and the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University in cooperation with the Czechoslovak Hussite Church. Speeches and presentations were given by leading Czech and foreign experts, historians and theologians.

The conference aimed to remind of the life and work of Jan Hus, and to describe the social and theological context of that time. Jan Hus, by his life and death, provoked a Reform movement in the Czech Lands, a movement that was more than a hundred years ahead of the following European Reformation.

On our website you are welcome to read most of the speeches which were held in the English language. Celý příspěvek

Commemoration Festival of Master Jan Hus

Husovske_slavnosti_goldWe would like to invite you to attend „The Commemoration Festival of Master Jan Hus  2015“ which will take place on the 5th and 6th of July 2015 in Prague.

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The organizers of the Commemoration Festival of Master Jan Hus want to focus primarily on his principle thoughts and formative attitudes. On their behalf, I want to invite you all to Prague to commemorate and celebrate, and this is why you have this flyer with the programme for the upcoming festivities in July,“  Joel Ruml, Synodal Senior of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren.

It may seem that to commemorate this six hundred year old event is unnecessary and an ineffective expenditure of our energy and resources. It is true, that since the death of Master Jan Hus, many things have happened and changed. By the fact that Hus was placed in the top ten greatest Czech personalities (according to a survey by Czech Television in 2005), this confirmed, that his attitudes and principles are not so outdated and obsolete.

We invite you to Prague in July and on other dates to festivals in other regions, because you can meet Hus who:

  • did not like hypocrisy and sought credibility,
  • hated a lie, and rejoiced in the truth,
  • refused pride and arrogance and replaced them by tolerance, rebelled against carelessness; who believed that is it better to be conscientious and follow the rules knew what is extravagance, but who was deeply fond of temperance and modesty,
  • did not understand resignation in life only joy,
  • did not know a shallow patriotism, but found joy in Czech culture,
  • was not conciliary to laziness, but enjoyed creativity and knowledge,
  • refused rudeness and who loved purity and morality,
  • could understand errors, but was not passive in this sense, and who tried even more after making any mistake.

If you come and encounter this legacy of Master Jan Hus, you will confirm, that it is not futile to come back to it.